MISEL project consists of five work packages (WPs): four technical (WP1-WP4) and one (WP5) dedicated to management and dissemination.

WP1 is focused on the material, component, and integration technology development, WP2 on cellular and cerebellar processor development, WP3 on cortical processor and system integration, and WP4 on the evaluation and benchmarking of the technologies, individual components as well as the complete demonstrator.

The algorithms and processors developed in WP2 and WP3 extend from theoretical models to physical realizations, with the novel materials and devices developed in WP1. WP3 integrates the cognitive system by forming the autonomous feedback links from the cortical to the cerebellar and the cellular processors developed in WP2, and also provides the means for system-level simulations and the physical integration including the processes developed in WP1. Individual parts of the neuromorphic system and the performance of the final application prototype will be evaluated in WP4.

MISEL workflow


MISEL workflow.

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