28.09.2023  Piotr Łuczak’s PhD dissertation accepted
Few days ago Piotr successfully defended his PhD dissertation titled “Development of hybrid symbolic-connectionist intelligent systems“, for which the research was done mainly within the MISEL project, and today The Lodz University of Technology has officially granted him the doctor’s degree. CONGRATULATIONS Piotr!


11.09.2023  MISEL Workshop at ESSCIRC-ESSDERC 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal
MISEL consortium organized a successful workshop titled “Technologies, devices, circuits, and algorithms for neuromorphic event-based vision system” at the most suitable occasion – the biggest European conference dedicated to solid-state circuits and devices. The workshop co-chaired by Jacek Flak and Ari Paasio consisted of 9 presentations and demo session. We had two guest speakers – Prof. Cristell Maneux from University of Bordeaux and Prof. Piotr Dudek from University of Manchester. The MISEL speakers were: Eero Lehtonen, Mika Laiho, Krzysztof Ślot, Victor Brea, Lars-Erik Wernersson, and Burkay Uzlu. Great presentations were followed by such a lively demo session that our panelists decided to let the demos continue instead of panel discussion that was planned to conclude the event.


21.06.2023  MISEL 2nd face-to-face meeting in Santiago de Compostela, Spain on 20-21.06.2023
After over a year we had another chance to meet in person for the consortium meeting. Such productive 2 days packed with sessions that went overtime.


06.06.2023 MISEL Workshop at ESSCIRC-ESSDERC 2023
MISEL consortium will organise a dissemination workshop at the ESSCIRC-ESSDERC 2023 conference in Lisbon. The workshop titled “Technologies, devices, circuits, and algorithms for neuromorphic event-based vision systems” will take place on September 11, 2023, at 13:30-18:00 in Room 3. The event will include presentations from the project partners as well as invited talks, demo session, and panel discussion.
https://www.esscirc-essderc2023.org/technologies-devices-circuits-algorithm-neuromorphic-eventbased-visionsystem .


30.11.2022 MISEL working meeting in Łódź
The teams of Kovilta, LNE, TUL, USC, and VTT had a full-day working meeting in Łódź to discuss the functionalities and structures of the cellular, cerebellar and cortical processors, as well as application aspects for system demonstration and testing (WP2-WP4).


11.10.2022 MISEL working meeting in Santiago de Compostela
The teams of Kovilta and USC had a 2-day working meeting in Santiago de Compostela.


12.09.2022 MISEL 1st review meeting
We had a busy but very fruitful review meeting with Project Officer and technical monitors.


09.06.2022  MISEL promotion video on YouTube
The USC group made a very nice promotion video of the MISEL project. You can watch it on YouTube.


20.05.2022  MISEL 1st face-to-face meeting in Espoo, Finland on 18-19.05.2022
Finally, we had the opportunity to meet in person. Although we learned to cooperate via online tools, the face-to-face discussions proved much more efficient… and  pleasant as well!


02.05.2022  MISEL at IJCNN 2022
The TUL team will present their work at IJCNN 2022, which will be held as a part of IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2022):
P. Łuczak, K. Ślot, J. Kucharski, “Combining Deep Convolutional Feature Extraction with Hyperdimensional Computing for Visual Object Recognition”.


30.04.2022  MISEL at ISCAS 2022
The USC group will be presenting their first IC designs from MISEL project during the ISCAS 2022 conference held as hybrid (in-person and virtual) event in Austin, TX, USA on May 28th – June 1st, 2022. The work to be presented are:
O. Pereira-Rial, D. García-Lesta, V.M. Brea, P. López, D. Cabello, “Design of a 5-Bit Signed SRAM-Based In-Memory Computing Cell for Deep Learning Models”, and
D. García-Lesta, F. Pardo, O. Pereira-Rial, V.M. Brea, P. López, “HDC8192: A General Purpose Mixed-Signal CMOS Architecture for Massively Parallel Hyperdimensional Computing”.


21.03.2022  MISEL at WASC 2022
USC team participated in The Collaborative Workshop on the Architecture of Smart Cameras (WASC 2022) in Barcelona, Spain on March 14-17, 2022, giving two talks:
O. Pereira-Rial, “A 16 × 16 In-Memory Computing Array for Convolutional Neural Networks”, and
D. García-Lesta, “A Novel Mixed-Signal CMOS Architecture for Hyperdimensional Image Computing”.


24.09.2021  MISEL at 2021 European Researchers’ Night
USC held a poster introducing the MISEL project at the 2021 European Researchers’ Night.


21.04.2021  MISEL Press release
Project press release has been published in English and in Finnish.


26-27.01.2021  Project kick-off meeting
Due to traveling restrictions related to COVID-19 pandemic, the kick-off meeting was organized as virtual event in TEAMS.
Kick-off meeting

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